“A butterfly begins life as a caterpillar and in order to change into what it’s destined to be, the caterpillar builds a cocoon. When it goes inside, everything that it ever was is destroyed. And when it’s finally ready to leave the cocoon- the struggle to break free is absolutely necessary to their survival. If someone was to help them at this point, they’d never build the strength to become the beautiful butterfly they were meant to be. They would literally die without this struggle. Without your struggle- without the pain you’ve experienced in your life- you’d never become the beautiful woman you are now. You needed every tear you’ve cried to build your wisdom- your kindness- your strength. You are who you are now – not in spite of your pain but because of it.”

Sherr Hall

Meet Sasha

Sasha spent most of her early adulthood struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, which she utilized as a coping mechanism for dealing with untreated trauma. She led a very self-destructive lifestyle where she was sexually assaulted, violently abused and faced several near-death experiences. After numerous breaking points, she indulged herself to personal and professional development, turning her life completely around.

After the birth of her daughter in 2016, Sasha became determined to ensure she became the best possible role model for her child, and to break the cycle of generational trauma that existed within her family.

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Meet Ashley

After pulling herself out of prostitution and landing herself in another toxic relationship full of abuse, violence, drugs and a luxurious lifestyle that had her extremely lost, insecure and unsure of who she was; Ashley had finally hit rock bottom. Feeling as though she had no way out she stayed in the relationship. Then, at the age of 21, she had a near-death experience that had her lose everything and start from scratch.

Physically and mentally recovering for one whole year she had no choice but to focus on healing which led her to reevaluate the life she was living and what had caused her to get in so deep.

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