Sasha’s story

Sasha spent most of her early adulthood struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, which she utilized as a coping mechanism for dealing with untreated trauma. She led a very self-destructive lifestyle where she was sexually assaulted, violently abused and faced several near-death experiences. After numerous breaking points, she indulged herself to personal and professional development, turning her life completely around.

After the birth of her daughter in 2016, Sasha became determined to ensure she became the best possible role model for her child, and to break the cycle of generational trauma that existed within her family.

Fueled by her relentless passion to influence others to live empowered lives, she co-created Born Legacy, a community of empowered women with a mission to lead victims of trauma to a life of empowerment, peace and fulfillment!

Sasha is committed to doing everything in her power to provide opportunities for other women to escape the painful circumstances she once was in.

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"If you don't value or take care of yourself,
how can you expect others to treat you any better?"

Both coming from backgrounds of domestic violence and various forms of abuse, we connected on a very deep level. We both experienced some very traumatic events, and after numerous breaking points and near-death experiences, we finally had enough.