The Power of Self Education

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

The most powerful and precious asset you have is your mind. It can either imprison you, or it can set you free. Sounds totally cliche, I know. But it is absolutely the truth.

I was always considered to be very intelligent. I maintained straight A’s through most of my life, graduating on the Dean’s List in both high school and college (even despite falling down a very destructive path). Academically, it appeared that I was set to pursue a fulfilling life full of happiness and abundance.

The thing is, our standard academic curriculums need some serious revamping. All of those A’s and I had still had no direction, no real success skills, and no idea how the hell to make a life for myself. On top of that, my long list of internal struggles kept me from even believing there was anything more out there for me. All that (mostly useless) information in my mind, and my mind was filled with nothing but limitations.

But here’s the exciting thing –

We have entered a new era. Generations before us did not have access to the knowledge we do now. Think about it, in a split second, with the touch of our fingers, we can access nearly any information we want. Truly, we live in an incredible time where opportunity is limitless.

What astounds me is that there are millions of people all over the world, who have spent their entire lives struggling in different areas, who finally discovered breakthroughs to solve those problems, and then have compacted their life’s discoveries into programs, seminars, workshops, books and other educational platforms to help others facing similar struggles to solve those problems in a small fraction of that time.

You lack confidence? You have access to the information to solve that problem.
You struggle with addiction? You have access to the information to solve that problem.
You struggle with weight loss? You have access to the information to solve that problem.
Lack connection? Access.
Education? Access.
Resources? Access.
Finances? Access.
I think you get the point.

When I began exploring the things that I was passionate about – the things that would actually impact my life in a profound way – and educated myself around those topics, my mind began to expand like never before, and everything in my world changed. I literally transformed my life through self education.

It all starts with what you plant in your mind. Let go of the false belief that you are at a dead end, or that there is nothing more out there for you. You don’t have to know all of the answers, you only need to know where to look or who to ask. And if you don’t know where to look, start by accessing that INCREDIBLE resource you hold at your fingertips – the internet.

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"If you don't value or take care of yourself,
how can you expect others to treat you any better?"

Both coming from backgrounds of domestic violence and various forms of abuse, we connected on a very deep level. We both experienced some very traumatic events, and after numerous breaking points and near-death experiences, we finally had enough.